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Now’s the perfect time to fill a room with Stressless® seating for less! Get $500 off Stressless® Wing recliners and ottomans, Classic Power™ recliners, and Home Office chairs in Paloma leather. Or get Paloma leather special pricing on design-coordinating Stressless® Flora, Manhattan and Oslo sofas and loveseats.*

Launched in 1984, Stressless® Wing is one of our most popular recliners. Those with a classic sense of style will love its modern look. Beneath its timeless exterior lies patented comfort technologies that deliver what is known the world over as the one true Stressless® sitting experience.

Stressless® Flora, Manhattan and Oslo sofas and loveseats complement Stressless® Wing recliners perfectly. They’re designed with ComfortZones™, a comfort technology that causes the back part of the cushion to give in more than the front part when you sit down. This, in turn, causes the cushion to angle slightly, thereby providing a comfortable position for your legs when seating.

Paloma leather, one of three Stressless® leather grades, is a great choice for those who want a leather that balances practicality and exclusivity. Its soft, natural, and comfortable expression makes it a very popular choice.

Don’t miss your chance to save big on a seating upgrade! Visit your nearest Stressless® dealer before this promotion ends!

*With a qualifying purchase. Exclusions apply. See store for details.


 innovative functions, unmatched comfort and Scandinavian look.

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Luxurious with a modern look for those with a classic sense of style.  Stressless Recliners come in 26 different models, 3 different sizes and a choice between Classic Base, Signature Base, Star Base, or Office Base.


Sometimes, a little change can make a big difference. Make a statement in any room of your home by checking out our wide range of styles and colors of Stressless Products. Recliners come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes to fit every type of body.


Flagstaff Furniture Store makes it easy to personalize your space. Our wide selection of Living Room seating will help you complete the exact look you want.


Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle touch to make a huge impact, especially when it comes to power seating. Stressless offers Power Recliners and Power Sofas.

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